SAMVOA Dress Attire Order Form

SAMVOINT/SAMVOA Member Kit and Price list

This is a guide on SAMVOINT kit and how to acquire this kit.
Stock is available from your Regional Quartermaster.

A well-dressed SAMVOINT member, dressed correctly to Dress Code 1A
For Dress Code detail, please refer to Dress Regulations V2 160331


The SAMVOINT badge is worn with Corps “Balkie”. In this case Mike is wearing his Artillery Corps “balkie” under his badge.
The SAMVOINT Beret Badge
For former SAAF veterans the SAAF wings are worn below the SAMVOINT badge. SAAF wings are not offered.

The SAMVOINT beret is Olive drab in colour and very similar to the SAI and Commando berets. Sizes available are 54, 56, 58, 60 & 62.
(We require centimetre measurements around head.)

Corps “balkies” are held at International Stores for most Corps.
Should your Corps balkie not be available, we have a manufacturer in Brisbane, Australia.

Dress requirements:

The SAMVOINT tie is a full length tie 1600mm long (63 inches)
Made to specification JQ10957/navy.
The SAMVOINT bullion blazer pocket badge is mounted on a black background and best worn on a black blazer, but could be worn on a dark navy blue blazer.
Heritage Members should cut off “Veteran”.

Your SAMVOINT name plate is personalised with your name and the Corps or Arm of Service that you served in.
As a veteran, your name will have “Veteran” before your name.
Comprised of aluminum base with rounded corners, domed finish and bar pin on the back. Order through your Regional Quartermaster.
The Standard size: 73mm wide x 27mm drop.
The Smaller size: 64mm wide x 20mm drop. (Special order)

Additional items of kit:

The SAMVOINT Veteran Medal is a Commemorative Medal and must only be worn on the right chest/breast of a substantive SAMVOINT Member. This medal cannot be worn with your UDF / SADF / or SANDF medals, which are worn on your left chest/breast.
Members may acquire this medal under certain qualifying conditions, which you should confirm with your Regional Chairperson or Master-at-Arms.

A wall plaque is ideal to hang in that special place where your memorabilia means so much to you.
There is room beneath for an engraved scroll with your details.

Placing your Order:

Complete the Order Form below to place your order with the SAMVOA Zone Entity (please confirm that this is the zone in which you reside.
This order will automatically be directed to your host country Quartermaster, who will arrange to execute your order and to provide you with an estimate on the freight charges.

SAMVOA (Australia, New Zealand, Asia)
Dress Attire Order Form

When depositing please e-mail transaction record or advise date, invoice number, amount and from whom.
Goods will then be posted or couriered by FEDEX.
All items offered subject to being unsold.
Price list subject to change without notice. (Prices have remained unchanged for 4 years).

Recommended Member prices. Freight to be added.

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1 x SAMVOINT Beret: AU$20.00 (quantity)
(size: 56cm; 58cm; 60cm; 62cm)
1 x SAMVOINT Beret Badge: AU$20.00 (quantity)
1 x Corps Balkie: AU$15.00 (quantity)
(Corps for Balkie)

Dress Requirements

1 x SAMVOINT Tie: AU$40.00 (quantity)
1 x SAMVOINT Blazer Badge: AU$25.00 (quantity)
1 x SAMVOINT Name Plate: AU$12.00 Plate size – 73 x 27mm:
AU$10.00 Plate size – 64 x 20mm:
Name for Name Plate:

(FULL Name, First and Surname to appear on Name Plate)
Corps for Name Plate:

(Corps to appear on name badge)

Additional items of kit:

1 x SAMVOINT wooden wall Plaque: AU$50.00 (quantity)
Lapel Pin: AU$10.00 (quantity)
1 x SAMVOINT VETERANS Medal: AU$25.00 (quantity)
1 x SAMVOINT Veterans Miniatures: AU$20.00 (quantity)