SAMVOA Presentations and Awards

Member Ian Higley received his long overdue medal at last!

General Roland de Vries presented Ian Higley with his General Service medal, which was long overdue. Congratulations Ian!

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Medal Parade SAMVOA New Zealand

Medal Parade New Zealand:
We held a Medal Presentation Ceremony on 28 November 2015 at the Browns Bay RSA, Auckland. The recipient was ex-Bdr Carl Eckhart, SA Field Artillery. The Pro Patria Medal, Southern Africa Medal and General Service Medal were presented by Veteran Stephan Erasmus, Regional Chairman, New Zealand.


From left to right: Robin Weale, Wayne Ridgway, Chris Pattison, Carl Eckhart, Stephan Erasmus.

SAMVOA Victoria Medal Ceremony - 5 February 2015

SAMVOA Victoria Medal Ceremony - 5 February 2015

SAMVOA Victoria held a Medal Ceremony on the 5th of February where SADF Veteran Glen Stander was awarded his medals.
The Stander family attended the special occasion to see their proud husband and father receive his three long outstanding SADF medals.
Veteran Stander migrated to Australia in 1986 where he married Helen.
Congratulations Glen - wear your medals with pride!

The following letter was received from Veteran Stander's wife, Helen, and is reprinted here with her kind permission:

5th February 2015
Veteran Tony Macquet MMM
National Chairman: South African Military Veterans Organisation of Australasia (SAMVOA)
Dear Tony,
I am writing to say thank you (together with Richard Southey, Mike Weber, Karl Brown and all other members present), for making us so welcome on Thursday evening at Glen's Medal presentation ceremony. I really did not know what to expect but from the moment we entered the room we felt completely at ease.
As you would all know and understand it has been a very long journey for Glen to finally receive his medals, not only the many years that have passed since his service but the long healing process for not only Glen but for myself and our family.
I met Glen in 1984 just after he had finished his military service. I am an Australian and was travelling the world where in Glasgow our paths crossed. He was only 20 years old then and his experience was very fresh in his mind. Glen migrated to Australia in 1986 and we were then married.
Even though I was a nurse I had no idea of the trauma he had experienced mentally and it became apparent that there were many ghosts to put to rest if Glen was going to recover and lead a full life.
Together and separately he has worked hard to recover and finally after all these years to receive recognition for his service is wonderful.
I was not prepared for how emotional I felt on the evening of the presentation.
Our son's, although knowing the story of Glen's military years, could not fully appreciate the impact that had on him. The smiles on their faces said it all.
Once again please thank all the SAMVOA Members for their efforts in making this possible.
With kindest regards,
Helen Stander

SAMVOA WA Veterans awarded their SADF medals - 18 December 2014

On Thursday, 18th December 2014, five former soldiers of the SADF were presented their long overdue medals by the legendary former OC of 61 Mechanised Battalion and former Major General, Roland de Vries at a ceremony held by SAMVOA WA at the RSL Club in Belmont, Perth.

Pictured: SADF Veterans with Roland de Vries

SADF Veterans with Roland de Vries

The medal recipients were:

  • Veteran Braam Coetzee
  • Veteran Sean Pumbaa Badrian
  • Veteran Timothy Chadwick
  • Veteran Johan Jankowitz
  • Veteran Jan du Plessis

One of the Veterans drove for over 3 hours to attend the parade and all were extremely honoured by the fact that General de Vries so kindly agree to pin their medals to their chests.

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Medal Ceremony - SAMVOA WA - 18 Dec 2014

Medal Ceremony - SAMVOA WA - 18 Dec 2014

Veteran Garth Pienaar awarded the SAMVOA WA Bayonet of Excellence 2014

The SAMVOA WA Bayonet of Excellence 2014 was awarded to Veteran Garth Pienaar, SAMVOA National Vice Chairman and SAMVOA WA Regional Chairman, for his outstanding contributions, excellence and dedication to SAMVOA.

Garth Pienaar and Roland de Vries.

Garth Pienaar and Roland de Vries.

The award was presented to Garth by the legendary Major General (Rtd) Roland de Vries. Roland added that "how I came to know SAMVOA Western Australia - as a dynamic organisation who uses common purpose and their emphasis on remembrance to focus energy, as a kinship where responsibility is shared by all members... where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Well done, Garth!"

Unbeknownst to Garth, the SAMVOA WA Formal Mess Committee had secretly teamed up with Roland de Vries, and in a surprise manoeuvre, presented the award to Garth on the night of Roland's visit to SAMVOA WA.

SAMVOA Member of the Year 2013 - Veteran Paul Roos

The Bugle for SAMVOA Member of the Year has been awarded to Veteran Paul Roos.

Veteran Paul Roos

Veteran Paul Roos

Paul's dedication to the ideals of SAMVOA, including his massive input into the institution of the South African Service Cross medal earned him the SAMVOA Member of the Year award.

Veteran Roos completed his basic training at 7 SA Infantry Battalion at Phalaborwa in the '80's, after which he joined the Spoor Section of the SADF Dog Centre at Bourkes Luck.

He was later posted to the SWASPES operational base at Otavi in South West Africa. Here he joined forces with other specialist units such as the mounted infantry and Bushman trackers. It was also during this time that Veteran Roos completed the tracking course with his tracker dog named Peanuts. Together they served twenty months in South West Africa, of which thirteen months were spent on deployment in the operational area. Veteran Roos participated in Operation Protea with members of the mechanised infantry.

Congratulations Paul!

SAMVOA Member of the Year 2012 - Veteran Donovan Roets

The Bugle for SAMVOA Member of the Year has been awarded to Veteran Donovan Roets.

Veteran Garth Pienaar (left) and Veteran Donovan Roets (right).

Veteran Garth Pienaar (left) and Veteran Donovan Roets (right).

SAMVOA Vice-Chairman Veteran Garth Pienaar presented the award during the WA regional meeting held on the 13th of November 2012, saying: "This is the result of many hours of hard work, unselfish cost and dedication by Veteran Donovan Roets, and on behalf of SAMVOA nationally and all WA Veterans, I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Donovan for his creativity and vision in recognising that our old website needed a serious makeover and then, doing something about it.
We now have a website that we can all be extremely proud of and it will only get better in time.
The Bugle is presented to Veteran Donovan Roets as a token of our esteem, and in recognition of his dedication to duty and undaunting dedication to the ideals of SAMVOA. This presentation recognises his substantial input into establishing the SAMVOA National Website and for maintaining this to the high standard it continues to achieve."

The SAMVOA website was redesigned from the ground up and relaunched on the 1st of May 2012.

"The goal was to create a website that has a contemporary and user friendly design, but one that also has a dignified and respectful presence", Donovan says. "May this website represent everything we so proudly stand for, and may all those who gaze upon her wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, and how fiercely we loved."

SAMVOA Queensland Region Medal Ceremony - 22 September 2012

A Medal Ceremony hosted by SAMVOA was held in Brisbane Queensland on the 22 September 2012. Veterans and families attended in the late afternoon and Veterans were invited to submit a short anecdote regarding their service in the SADF. These were each read out prior to each Veteran receiving his awarded medals. These proved to be interesting, moving as well as entertaining with a few tears and much laughter coming from the families and Veterans.

Feedback received, indicated that the ceremony was delivered with the Dignity and Honour that it deserved, enjoying the warmth of camaraderie and the pride of family.

The ceremony was followed by drinks and dinner, held at the Greenbank RSL, where a good meal was had and much laughter continued.

The Medal recipients were: Mike Hanslow, Fred Pretorius, Gavin Murphy, Greg Sadler, David Sheldon, Justin Lippiatt, Larry Griffiths, Stephen Walker, Tony Le Roux and Gordon Pugh.

All recipients would like to acknowledge and thank Mrs Englebrecht and her team for the fine work they have done at the Ceremonial Department in South Africa to make events like this possible after so many years.

As Queensland is not having a Formal mess Dinner this year, it was decided to award the floating trophies at this event.

The Bugle trophy went to Greg Sadler for his support and dedication in representing SAMVOA without fail.
The Bayonet trophy went to David Sheldon for his uncompromising commitment to the organisation.

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Medal Ceremony 2012 - SAMVOA QLD

Medal Ceremony 2012 - SAMVOA QLD

SAMVOA WA Region Medal Ceremony - 13 March 2012

A Medal Parade was held at the monthly meeting of the SAMVOA Veterans on
Tuesday, 13 March 2012.

The four recipients were:

  • Veteran Shaun Porter - Pro Patria and Southern Africa Medals
  • Veteran Ian Higley - Pro Patria and Unitas Medals
  • Veteran Deon Booysen – General Service and Unitas Medals
  • Veteran Robert Williams – General Service Medal

The following message from Veteran Paul Roos, SAMVOA Public Relations and
Liaison Officer was read out during the ceremony:

"Just a short note of CONGRATULATIONS on the awarding of well deserved, if
long overdue, Campaign and Service Medals to Ian, Shaun, Deon and Rob.
This is an honoured tradition that has stood the test of time – the recognition of a
man's deeds and service to his country, by an appropriate symbol of recognition by
his fellow man, and in this case his brothers in arms.

Ian, a very dear friend and ex-work colleague, I would have loved to be there this
evening to celebrate your awards mate, however these few words will have to suffice
for now:
Congratulations – I salute you Sir, as well as the other recipients- you have done your
country, your family and your Veterans proud."

Congratulations Gentlemen – wear your medals with Pride.

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Medal Ceremony 2012 - SAMVOA WA

Medal Ceremony 2012 - SAMVOA WA

SAMVOA WA Display Cabinet

A large and very interesting collection of Boer War, WWI and WWII, Korean, and Border War memorabilia is on display at the RSL Club in Belmont, WA (click here for address).
The collection includes rare militaria from all the major conflicts that the South African Forces have participated in; many of the items being personal belongings which have all been donated by SAMVOA Veterans who have seen action during the Border War.
If you would like to view the collection, or perhaps have something of interest to donate, then kindly contact Veteran Garth Pienaar for further information (click here for contact details).

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The SAMVOA WA Militaria Display Cabinet

The SAMVOA WA Militaria Display Cabinet