Operation Bratstvo – Former adversaries become friends. Russian Veterans presented with SASC Medals

Disclaimer – Please note that production of the South African Service Cross medal has ceased and that the medal is no longer available.

SAMVOA SADF Veterans traveled to Russia to meet with former adversaries – the Russian Veterans from the Angolan Bushwar.

As a gesture of reconciliation and friendship between former foes, two South African Service Cross commemorative medals were presented to Veteran Maxim Gladkov and Veteran Igor Ignatovich, former Russian soldiers of the Angolan and South African Bush War.

Operation Bratstsvo (Operation Brotherhood) describes a visit to Russia in June 2014 by SADF Veterans of the 1966-1989 Angolan and South African Border Wars.

Click here for the full report on Operation Bratstvo by Roland De Vries (opens in a new window – PDF format 120Kb)

Upon receiving the medals, Veteran Gladkov wrote the following:

“It’s such an honor! For Igor and Me, as well as for all Russian veterans of the Angolan war. We do (I’m sure I can speak on behalf of us both) consider it to be an award given to all Russian veterans who contribute to making peace between former foes. Especially today when we see new wars being unleashed near our homes.

Thank you so much, my dear friend! Friends! It is truly a great honor, and I’ll be using this example of our joint success and friendship as guidance for all those who still do not understand that every war inevitably ends in peace but a lot of good will is needed to be in peace with yourself. I salute you, my friend!”

Veteran Garth Pienaar arranged for the medals to be safely packaged and sent to Russia to be presented to Veterans Gladkov and Ignatovich.

Former Major General Roland De Vries wrote:
“Dear Garth and the other distinguished members of our Bratstvo team.

Well done Garth Pienaar and thank you for seeing this important project through as a gesture and symbol of reconciliation amongst former foes.
Please convey our heartiest appreciation to SAMVOA for this grand gesture of presenting the South African Service Crosses to both military veterans Maxim Gladkov and Igor Ignatovich and for drawing Operation Bratstvo to a full conclusion.

We salute SAMVOA as well as the two recipients of the SASCs. We recognise the fact that our friends Maxim and Igor had both committed and dedicated themselves to the planning and successful completion of “Operation Bratstvo”.

The latter joint initiative resulted in an enduring friendship through a unique exercise in reconciliation between former South African and Russian combatants who had fought against each other in Angola.

Kind Regards.

Поздравляю, господа. Wear your medals with pride!

SAMVOA visit to Russia - 2014

SAMVOA visit to Russia – 2014

Disclaimer – Please note that production of the South African Service Cross medal has ceased and that the medal is no longer available.

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