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SAMVOA Queensland Region Medal Ceremony - 22 September 2012

A Medal Ceremony hosted by SAMVOA was held in Brisbane Queensland on the 22 September 2012. Veterans and families attended in the late afternoon and Veterans were invited to submit a short anecdote regarding their service in the SADF. These were each read out prior to each Veteran receiving his awarded medals. These proved to be interesting, moving as well as entertaining with a few tears and much laughter coming from the families and Veterans.

Feedback received, indicated that the ceremony was delivered with the Dignity and Honour that it deserved, enjoying the warmth of camaraderie and the pride of family.

The ceremony was followed by drinks and dinner, held at the Greenbank RSL, where a good meal was had and much laughter continued.

The Medal recipients were: Mike Hanslow, Fred Pretorius, Gavin Murphy, Greg Sadler, David Sheldon, Justin Lippiatt, Larry Griffiths, Stephen Walker, Tony Le Roux and Gordon Pugh.

All recipients would like to acknowledge and thank Mrs Englebrecht and her team for the fine work they have done at the Ceremonial Department in South Africa to make events like this possible after so many years.

As Queensland is not having a Formal mess Dinner this year, it was decided to award the floating trophies at this event.

The Bugle trophy went to Greg Sadler for his support and dedication in representing SAMVOA without fail.
The Bayonet trophy went to David Sheldon for his uncompromising commitment to the organisation.

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Medal Ceremony 2012 - SAMVOA QLD

Medal Ceremony 2012 - SAMVOA QLD

SAMVOA Queensland Region Weekend Campout - 7-9 September 2012

SAMVOA Veterans from the Queensland region had a very successful event with more members than last year and hopefuly a few more next year. Well done to Ernie Lomax and the SAMVOA Gold Coast Chapter for organising and hosting the Queensland Vets Weekend Away.
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Hunting Weekend 2012 - Queensland

Hunting Weekend 2012 - Queensland