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Boshoed Dag 2017

Boshoed day is on the 26th August This day in 1966 – 51 years ago, was the recognised start of the South African Border War, which lasted 23 years, 6 months, 3 weeks and 2 days. Please remember the 2,280

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Newsletter Issue 8 August 2017

WYNAND DU TOIT – SAMVOA’s GUEST of HONOUR – ANNUAL MESS DINNER The first exchange of prisoners of the Border War with Angola took place on September 7 1987, in Maputo, Mozambique. The event involved the release of Wynand du

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Chairman’s Christmas Message

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Unscrupulous and Illegal Veteran Bodies

With the ever increasing number of ‘informal’ so-called Veterans bodies, comes the risk of opportunistic chancers seeking to benefit by taking unscrupulous and illegal advantage of Veterans. The below two gents have also tried and lost. Please be warned and

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SAMVOA Victoria Medal Ceremony – 5 February 2015

SAMVOA Victoria Medal Ceremony – 5 February 2015 SAMVOA Victoria held a Medal Ceremony on the 5th of February where SADF Veteran Glen Stander was awarded his medals. The Stander family attended the special occasion to see their proud husband

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SAMVOA WA Veterans awarded their SADF medals – 18 December 2014

On Thursday, 18th December 2014, five former soldiers of the SADF were presented their long overdue medals by the legendary former OC of 61 Mechanised Battalion and former Major General, Roland de Vries at a ceremony held by SAMVOA WA

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SAMVOA Formal Mess Dinners 2014 with Guest of Honour Major General Gert Opperman

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Veteran Garth Pienaar awarded the SAMVOA WA Bayonet of Excellence 2014

The SAMVOA WA Bayonet of Excellence 2014 was awarded to Veteran Garth Pienaar, SAMVOA National Vice Chairman and SAMVOA WA Regional Chairman, for his outstanding contributions, excellence and dedication to SAMVOA. The award was presented to Garth by the legendary

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Operation Bratstvo – Former adversaries become friends. Russian Veterans presented with SASC Medals

Disclaimer – Please note that production of the South African Service Cross medal has ceased and that the medal is no longer available. SAMVOA SADF Veterans traveled to Russia to meet with former adversaries – the Russian Veterans from the

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SAMVOA Member of the Year 2013 – Veteran Paul Roos

The Bugle for SAMVOA Member of the Year has been awarded to Veteran Paul Roos. Paul’s dedication to the ideals of SAMVOA, including his massive input into the institution of the South African Service Cross medal earned him the SAMVOA

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